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The Road Goes On

Saturday, February 26, 2005 at 2:15 PM

Madrona Tree

I submitted my final doctoral application yesterday. Since I turned in four others 2-3 months ago, I should be finding out quite a bit in the next few weeks.

I simply don't have the motivation for a significant blog post today, but I've been learning how to post pictures from a Mac.

This picture is of a Madrona Tree on Orcas Island, Washington -- taken during our honeymoon last summer. I loved these trees and their orange-ish bark. On a cloudy day they create the optical illusion that the sun has just peeked outside the clouds.

It's a rainy, lazy day here in Waco. The water hasn't quite risen to this level, however:

Blogger The Table Guy said...

Great job with the picture.

Hope you hear good news very soon....  


Blogger The Table Guy said...

I've moved to tableguy.blogspot.com  


Blogger Myles said...

hey, like the new look.  


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