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The Road Goes On

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 9:22 AM

I've (not) Been Everywhere

These are all the states I've visited:

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I think it's no coincidence that nearly all the doctoral programs I considered were in the Midwest and Northeast.

I have only a very tiny claim to visiting Montana (the northern tip of Yellowstone) and West Virginia (Harper's Ferry -- just over the border). I'm surprised I never made it up more to Montana or over to S. Dakota while I lived in Wyoming.

(Courtesy of Lee.)

Blogger Coleman said...

The question here is always, "So what constitutes 'visited'?" I think we can agree that changing planes at the airport does not count. Does driving through without stopping anywhere or for any reason other than gas/snacks count? Give me some criteria before I enter the fray.  


Blogger Andy said...

Yeah, I think airports are neutral ground and can't count as a visit.

I think the other situations are judgment calls. If we rule out states where we've never spent the night, I'll have to take off AZ, NC, PA, and SC (in addition to MT and WV).  


Blogger Coleman said...

Eliminating states where I've only been to the airport (OR and IL), I've visited 37 states. Basically, I'm missing some out West (CA, OR, NV, ID), some up north (WI, MI, IA, MN), the far northeast (VT, NH, ME), plus Alaska and Hawaii. Basically, the ones furthest away, with the exception of Washington.  


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