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The Road Goes On

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 10:26 AM

Take a Look

I've added some new links to the blogroll:

  • Musings of an Emergent Postmodern Negro: I discovered Anthony and his blog via Steve at Harbinger.

    You can read Anthony's quick sketch of his spiritual and theological pilgrimage in the comments to this post at another interesting new blog. We seem to come at things from a very similar perspective: we both have academic backgrounds in history and we've both been drawn into the emergent/radical-orthodoxy/post-liberal theological orbit in part by reading books on Christian mission (Newbigin, for my part; David Bosch, for his) and historical studies of Jesus.

    I doubt Anthony wants to become the African-American voice in the emergent "conversation", but I'll join all those who are tremendously thankful to have a dialogue partner in these discussions who comes out of the black church tradition.

  • The Parish. I don't really know all that much about this guy, but I'm looking forward to reading more because 1) He's a good writer and extremely theologically literate, and 2) He's from Oklahoma City, a city I know and love very well, even though I haven't lived there too much since my early years (I just spent the weekend there, as a matter of fact). It greatly encourages me to hear thoughts like his coming from OKC.

  • The Stumbling Runner is a friend who says a great deal in his beautifully written reflections on life and ministry. He has a solid grasp on how and why narrative, metaphor and artistic description can capture things that can't be expressed otherwise. (I think the metaphors are used to preserve some online anonymity, as well.)

    I should mention that I have also have a history with Spring . She has meant a lot to me and I continue to keep up with her, but our relationship was not as intimate as the one TSR had.
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